Here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions for Weddings


How far in advance do we need to book?  

For weddings or large events, I recommend you booking your photographer about 1 year in advance in order to make sure your date is secure.  I do mainly shoot on Friday/Saturday/Sundays and so those days do book up quickest. I also shoot families, children and seniors so these are time frames they are most available also.  I do have an online calendar with my availability but please reach out and ask about a certain date.  


Have you ever shot at xxx wedding venue before? 

I love this question! I have been shooting weddings for about 10 years and I haven't been able to shoot at all venues yet~ but this is a GREAT goal!!!  I do however like to come to rehearsal practice and take pictures of the practice run through and watch the flow of the day. This gives me great chance to see the layout of the venue, help make suggestions (if needed) and watch the flow of the ceremony so that I can make sure to be in the perfect spot for your perfect day! 


Do you offer different wedding packages? 

Yes I do! I have 3 general (3/5/8 hour packages) posted on my webpage, but I do offer custom quotes based on what you are looking for in a photographer.  If you are wanting 8 hour shooting, and to add in a second shooter, I can do that! If you are wanting to have certain photos printed, I have print packages too. Let's talk about your timeline, and how long you would like photos taken at different parts of the big day. Sometimes you don't even know you might want something until you hear some suggestions.  I want to make your day special and help make every thing possible for the two of you! 


How long have you been shooting weddings. 

I was a second shooter for couple other photographers for a 3 years and learn a lot but also learned how much I love weddings! I have had a photography business on my own for since 2010.  But I also grew up in a family of photographers. My grandparents owned a photography business in Portland for over 30 years! So I think it's in my blood. 


How would you describe your style? 

I love to capture joyful, romantic moments, and special detail shots of the big day. I love to show the timelessness of a wedding. I would say I am a little light and airy with an editorial magazine look to my photos. 


Do you have a portfolio we can review? 

Yes I do! On my webpage I have compiled a variety of images from throughout a wedding day, variety of poses, locations, shots including engagement photos. I shoot indoors but LOVE to shoot outdoors in natural lighting. I do offer private galleries also, what does this mean? If you would like your full wedding gallery private, I can add a password just for you and the people you choose to share it with.  I also won't publicly post any from your gallery. I totally want to honor what you want as a couple. 


Can you share some recent testimonials? 

yes, I have posted all of these on my website and I am also on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Thumbtack wedding planner apps. 


What type of "gear" do you use? 

I have 2 cameras that I use, a Nikon 750 and Nikon 610.  Both cameras have dual SD cards slots so I make sure to have loads of space to capture every moment!  As soon as I get home, I upload the SD cards to my external hard drive.  I also don't clear the SD cards until all photos have been edited.  Sometimes technology isn't our friend, so I have made sure to have multiple back up systems. My favorite lenses are: Nikon 24-70, 50mm, 85mm. 


Do you shoot in digital or film format? 

I only shoot in digital, I love the crisp, clean, super clear non grainy photos that it creates. 


Can we give you a list of specific shots we would like? 

yes, I ask every couple to provide me with 2 lists: 1 the list of photos that they would like taken, I really want to make sure that I get all of the family groupings that are important to the couple and parents. I like to know about any special shots or poses that you are wanting too.  I want to make sure to capture what you have envisioned! The second list I ask for is a time line of the day~ (why do you do this? ) Well, I like to be on-time and want to be prepared for that next perfect shot! If the father/daughter dance is coming up, I don't want to miss those special moments!  I do have a check list for couples that will be available in your portal of forms that I provide to you incase you don't have one. 


If our wedding site is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover? 

I don't charge for travel fees for venues within 70 miles of Salem Oregon. Outside of the 70 miles is very minimal. I do travel for weddings, including destination weddings. Please lets talk about your location because I DO LOVE TO TRAVEL!!! 


Will you be photographing other events on the same day as our wedding? 

No, I block off the entire day, regardless of if you fired me for 3, 5, 8+ hours. 


If our event last longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge? 

I don't like to nickel and dime my clients. If you need to grab a couple of photos of exit and it is pushed back a few minutes of course I will stay and grab that.  But if you need an additional hour to make sure you get it all, by all means I am willing to stay but I do charge $250 per additional hour needed.  I just ask that you communicate with me what your needs are.  It is great to make sure your wedding planner (hopefully you have one) is aware of your needs, let them know if things go past the timeline what you would like so they can handle that situation seamlessly without interrupting you. 


Do you work with a second shooter or assistant? 

I do when requested but I mostly work solo.  I do have amazing ladies I use for second shooters. Most of the time, with weddings within the 100-150 guests, flexible ceremony location is easily managed by 1 photographers. When the wedding gets larger, or the wedding party is getting ready in separate locations, I would likely suggest a second shooter which is $75 per hour but they don't need to be hired the same number of hours as myself.  I do ask that you don't hire the second shooter/photographer, that you trust me in my choices and style as these photos will be edited and all together in your gallery.   


Who owns the copyrights of the photographs? 

I own the copyrights of the images as I am the photographer/artist. I do however give you the print release so you can print those images from your online gallery, flash drive, or from any vendor of your choosing whenever you like. 


How many photos will we receive from our wedding? 

I do not limit the number of edited images but this can depend on how hours I am hired for, what all you have scheduled to be photographed. There are a lot of factors for example a 4 person wedding verses a 10+person wedding party. On an average 5 hour wedding is usually about 300 edited photos, 8 hour wedding 700-800 photos.  


What is your refund/cancellation policy? 

I charge a $200 non-refundable deposit, which can be used towards a future photoshoot of your choice. At this time, I would refund the remaining amount that had been paid.  


Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes I do, I totally understand weddings are expensive! 

I do ask to be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the wedding. You don't want to worry about that the day of your wedding.  Other arraignments can be made, I am very flexible about payment agreements. 


What happens if you are ill, or there is an emergency? 

This is a very good question because I am human and things happen.  Knock on wood, I have yet to miss a wedding and I work hard at staying healthy.  However, if I were too ill, or I had an emergency come up I have an amazing network of photographers around the state and beyond! I would make sure they are in line with my style and I would still edit your images. I hope this never happens!!