Instead of telling all the same boring things all the other photographers tell you in their bio, I am going to do a little something different. 

Here are 10 things about ME: 

1. I love to drink Dr. Pepper and coffee

2. I suck at cooking ~ My husband doesn't! 

3. I am a mom of 2 boys (3 if you count my husband) 

4. I have a little dog named Zoe

5. I am addicted to traveling!!! 

6. I am a fiercely crafty gal!

7. I like to watch DIY/HGTV shows (and think "I can do that!")

8. My favorite trip (so far) Dominican Republic ~all-inclusive resort 

9. I think I have seen all of the Power Ranger shows (I have boys) 

10. I also really like the Hallmark channel (love all the romance!)